Dividend Imputation under threat from Treasury?

Posted on SMSF Adviser January 2015 in response to Taxpayers Australia “The tax agenda for SMSFs in 2015”   Friday 2 January 2015


Dr Terry Dwyer, Dwyer Lawyers 2015-01-02 12:24

It would be amazing if Taxpayers Australia were to support the abolition of franking credits – that is, support the re-introduction of double taxation of dividend income. If the Government did so, it would achieve 3 objects brilliantly:1. It would guarantee its defeat (not the most important effect, but one which might concentrate its mind);2. weaken Australian domestic equity markets and encourage a sell-off to foreigners;3. send people out of superannuation into direct property and offshore investments.There are tax and investment strategies which are, even now, not that far behind superannuation in terms of net returns. Abolition of dividend franking would make them unambiguously superior – and with no hassles such as in-house investment rules or contribution caps or exposure to super splitting orders.