Superannuation taxation should not be an exercise in social envy

Posted by: terrydwyer // Post Date: September 24, 2014
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2013-04-16 Dwyer to AFR re superannuation taxation SUPERANNUATION TAXATION If governments were serious about making sure superannuation did its job of providing retirement income, rather than seeking to punish it by taxation, they would be making sure it was paid … Read More

Patents: An Immoral and Inefficient Anachronism

Posted by: terrydwyer // Post Date: July 30, 2012
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2012-07-16 Dwyer Lawyers Submission re patent system 17 July 2012 Compulsory Licensing of Patents Productivity Commission LB2 Collins Street East Melbourne Vic 8003   Att: Delwyn Lanning  Dear Sirs              PATENTS: AN IMMORAL AND INEFFICIENT ANACHRONISM  Patents are immoral, contrary … Read More